Consulting Services

With over a decade of experience, let us be your resource for your software, hardware, and business management solutions. We take a targeted and Agile approach to providing solutions that get your business running efficiently.

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Government Services

We are constantly providing the federal and local government with support and products in order to keep our nation functional and safe. We take pride in only providing quality services and products to save the government time, money, and paperwork.

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Logistics Support Services

You know what direction you want to take your business in and you want it to go smoothly. Branae knows how to get you going. We jump in and provide staff, supplies, and systems that support your business and lead it towards established goals.

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Get To Know Us

Branae Holdings was established in 2005, but you may not know that our experience reaches several years before that. We’ve been doing this for over a decade and are poised to serve your needs.
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Current Contracts

Current Contracts

US Department of Interior BPAG12PA00032

US Army Fort Irwin NTC

USA Multi-National Forces Iraq, Joint Contracting Command Iraq PARC-A

MiDAESS(Missle Defense Agency Engineering and Support Services)

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